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This game is being developed by a 4-person team, I am the lead designer and programmer

The story is original

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Genre: JRPG

Single Player & No Party

Fantasy & Sci-fi

Release Date (Beta v0.1.0): 03-17-2016

Current State: On Hold


In a world with two big continents, one of them starts to die because of the high levels of pollution which decimates a big part of the population...

In this context, a new organization called O.N.R.A. (National Organization of Environmental Revolution) raises from the ashes bringing ideals desired by all: the end of the pollution...

Their ideals are based in a new nanotechnology that turns any inorganic materials into organics, making it easy to decompose. They promise to clean the world from all polluting industries and rebuild every city in a way that human intervention on nature reaches zero...

O.N.R.A. created a giant wall that separates the clean continent from the dirty one...

Time passed... and nothing changed...

About the main character:

You play as Alice, a young girl that lives in a city that O.N.R.A. promised to clean.

She and her group will defy every rule, every limit to bring a better life for their families...

She will face nanotech soldiers, robots, cyborgs and fantasy creatures of all kinds...

This better life... this future lies beyond The Wall.


- Active Time Battle System

- Animated Battles

- Balanced Gameplay

- Lots of Puzzles

- NPCs' Quests - Storylines

- Dense Lore Content

- Crafting System

- Simulated Day/Night Cycle

Influences, similarities and references:

- Final Fantasy VII

- Dark Souls

- Transistor

- Alice in Wonderland

- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

- The Witcher

Final Warnings:

- The game will be free to play.

- Feel free to support by paying for the game if you think I deserved it.

- This game is for those who really enjoy a great RPG experience. The game is full of big dialogs and cutscenes. Be prepared to read a lot.

- Look for the lore content within the game. It'll help you understand better the universe around the character. Makes a lot of difference.

- Feel free to make walkthrough videos and reviews, just make sure to give credits and to put the link in the description.

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusOn hold
Release date 1 year ago
AuthorIgor Buriola
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, JRPG, RPGMaker, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few hours


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